Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kata-kata Hikmat Seorang Lelaki

Golden Wise Words by a Wise Man
  1. "if you want to change the world, do it when you are a bachelor. After marriage, you can't even change a TV channel."
  2. "listening to wife is like reading the terms and conditions of website. You understand nothing, still you agreed..."
  3. "chess is the only game in the world reflects the status of the husband. The poor King can take only one step at a time.. While the mighty Queen can do whatever she likes."
  4. "all men are brave. Horror movies don't scare them.. But 5 missed calls from a wife.. Surely dead..."
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Amboi diorang ni, asyik nak hentam perempuan je. Tumbuk baru tau. Hewhewhew.. 
Macamana pula dengan pendapat wanita di luar sana yang lebih arif?

p/s: layan hindustan di TV3 petang-petang Sabtu ni..


  1. tak semua mcm tu ... Allah tu kan adil . Mencipta perangai manusia yg berbeza ...bkn sbb gender tapi attitude manusia ..

  2. erm..ada betul sikitlah, tapi takdelah perempuan kejam sangat sampai gitu.acah-acah je, keras-keras kerak nasi

  3. Tak semua la pmpuan cmtu... Agaknya yg buat tu sbb aweknya cenggitu kot...

  4. tak adalah semua cemtu kot.. segelintir tapi kekadang yang segelintir tu yang memburukkan hehe..


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