Tuesday, August 16, 2011

sYlLAbUs SeM 3, TaHuN 2..

Salam n Salam Sejahtara..

Pejam celik, pejam celik..
Cuti sem dh pon nak abes..
Da kwn cosmate aku ni post ke group "akuatik" fesbuk..
Psal subjek yg dh cnfirm yg akan aku amik sem 3 nnti..

Tahun 2 ni syok skit kot,,
Aku akan stady byk psai cos aku. x la ngarut2 time taun 1..
Hehe..nek kematu otak aku stady dlu..
Eley, sedngkn apa yg diajaq 2 ulngn dr mtrik je pon, basic je..
Melayu kn mudh lupa..
Aku lgi la senang lupa..
Dh2! jgn nk mengarut..


  • 1. Marine n Freshwater Invertebrates
# invertebrates = dn't hav internal skeleton made of bone [eg. protozoa, annelids, mollusks]
# marine invertebrates = exmples :

# freshwater invertebrates = including beetle, etc..but also much like marine..
  • 2. Coral Reef Ecology
# coral reef = underwater structures made from calcium carbonate [known as rainforests of da sea]

# limnology = da study of in-land waters (saline n fresh), especially lakes, ponds n rivers (natural n manmade), including their biological, physical, chemical n hydrological aspects.

  • 4. Conservation Genetics in Aquatic Ecosystem
# i hd no idea what this is about. thing tht i realized, this sbject will b incharge by Dr, Rohana..im totally dead..i think..huhu..

Em, aku dok wat rajin pulok dok cari info2 nie..
Persediaan la kot utk sem depan..
Kan aku nak brubah

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